Research into Multi-scale Examination of MultiPHase physIcs in flowS (MEMPHIS)

Prof. O. K. Matar (OKM) is an Exxon-Mobil Fellow and Professor of Fluid Mechanics in the Department of Chemical Engineering, Imperial College London.

OKM’s current research interests include the modelling of multiphase flows driven by Marangoni stresses, surface and bulk diffusion, gravitational, capillary, intermolecular forces and parametric forcing, placing emphasis on hydrodynamic instabilities and pattern formation, with industrial and biomedical applications. These include intensive processing, fouling, coating flow technology, surfactant replacement therapy, micro-fluidics and microelectronics manufacturing.

OKM has recently been invited to review the filed of thin films in Rev. Mod. Phys. (impact factor 51). OKM is the current coordinator of the Fluid Mechanics Focus Area at Imperial and has received £11M (£8M as PI) EPSRC funding to study surfactant transport on non-Newtonian layers, phase inversion in concentrated emulsions, thin film flows over rapidly rotating discs, nonlinear bubble sound interactions, fouling in heat exchangers in crude oil distillation units, Dynamics of liquids spreading on compliant substrates, multiphase flow in large-diameter Pipes, advanced experimental and numerical methods for the prediction of complex vapour liquid annular flows, Interfacial behaviour in stratified and stratifying annular flows, in addition to TSB funding to study the removal of soft-solids adhering to solid substrates. He was also awarded a Platform Grant to study the dynamics of moving contact lines, and more recently an EPSRC Programme Grant (£5M) to produce the next-generation predictive tools for multiphase flows.

He has co-authored 127 articles in prestigious journals and has an h-index of 27. He is the Editor-in-Chief of Multiphase Science and Technology, an Associate Executive Editor of Journal of Engineering Mathematics, and on the Editorial Board of International Journal of Multiphase Flow.

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