Research into Multi-scale Examination of MultiPHase physIcs in flowS (MEMPHIS)

Prof. Geoff F. Hewitt (GFH), FRS, FREng, Foreign Associate of the US National Academy of Engineering, specialises in multiphase flow. He has received the principal awards in heat transfer [the Donald Q. Kern Award (AIChE), the Max Jakob Award (ASME), the Luikov Medal (ICHMT) and the Nusselt-Reynolds Prize (ICEHT)] and the Senior Multiphase Flow Award at the 2007 ICMF. In 2007, he received (from President Putin) the Global Energy Prize at the World Economic Forum. He has published many books and over 300 research articles, and has been an Editor to many international reference sources on heat transfer and fluid flow (including Process Heat Transfer 1994, Encyclopaedia of Heat and Mass Transfer, 1998, Handbook of Heat Transfer, 1998, Handbook of Phase Change, 1999 and Heat Exchanger Design Handbook, 2008). Since joining Imperial in 1985, he has received many EPSRC, EU, DTI (now TSB) and industrial grants. At the Harwell Laboratory of UKAEA, he was a Division Head (DCSO level) and Project Manager for one of Harwell’s largest commercial projects, the Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow Service (HTFS).

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