Research into Multi-scale Examination of MultiPHase physIcs in flowS (MEMPHIS)

Joao Vasques started his PhD on the Fundamentals of the Churn-Annular Transition Behavior using the LIF Technique, more specifically, in the gas-liquid vertical upward flow, which started on October 2013.

His academic background is provided below:

2009-2013: MEng in Mechanical Engineering at University of Nottingham (First Class).

Throughout his academic path, he has always been interested in the research of technologies related to the energy sector and the sustainability of human activity.

His past projects include: the Design of a Thermal Storage solution to be coupled to a Compressed Air System for Offshore Wind Turbines; a Research Internship on Metal Hydrides as a Hydrogen Storage System; and more recently, a study on the Future of the Electricity Generation and the Environment in the UK – A Life Cycle and Economic Analysis. The latter involved assessing all options available to generate electricity in the UK, with a specific interest on the conventional and unconventional methods of the natural gas production, which was concluded to be the advisable pathway to follow in the nearby future.

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