Research into Multi-scale Examination of MultiPHase physIcs in flowS (MEMPHIS)



This year, as the final year of Multi-scale Examination of MultiPHase physIcs in flowS (MEMPHIS), we celebrate and showcase our success from the past 4-5 years. The showcase will be held at Imperial College and will feature presentations by industrialists (P&G and BP) and academics / researchers (from ICL, UoB, UoN, and UCL), and cover the remarkable output from the MEMPHIS Programme and the technical innovations it has generated for industry.

Although some advances have been made in the numerical methods used to simulate multiphase flows, there remains a large gap between what is achievable computationally and ‘real-life’ systems; the latter are beyond what can be addressed with current methods. We will present the latest on the modelling framework in terms of what has been developed and what we are currently developing within the MEMPHIS programme that will enable the use of numerical simulations as a reliable design tool.

The framework features front-tracking / level-set hybrids, interface-capturing methods, three-dimensional adaptive, unstructured meshes, and sophisticated multi-scale, multi-physics models. The codes are parallelised and can run on various platforms: from laptops to supercomputers (and have been demonstrated to scale well on over 260,000 threads).

This allows the user the flexibility to choose between a quick ‘answer’ with a degree of uncertainty common to engineering applications; or, a high-fidelity solution, for targeted cases, that requires more time. The codes also have built-in, user-friendly meshing capabilities that allow rapid construction of complex geometries.


Programme of Events:

DAY 1: Roderic Hill room 333, LT3

09:30          Tea / Coffee (building 16, ACEX Design room 306)

10:00          Introductions and opening remarks by Professor Omar Matar

10:15          P&G guest speaker Dr Hua Hu – Industrial needs from FMCG perspective

10:45          BP guest speaker Dr Tim Lockett – MEMPHIS highlights for the O&G industry

11:15           Tea break(building 16, ACEX Design room 306)

11:45           MEMPHIS talk 1 – Interfacial phenomena across scales in liq-liq flows by UCL

12:15           MEMPHIS talk 2 – Large scale two phase flows / BBLIF by UoN

12:45           Lunch (building 16, ACEX Design room 306)

14:00          TH Collaborative innovations guest speaker Professor Phil Threlfall-Holmes – Industry perspective on multiscale, multiphase fluid mechanics

14:30          Louisiana State University guest speaker Professor Kumar Krishnaswamy – EPIC / Fluid mechanics and process equipment design

15:00         Tea break (building 16, ACEX Design room 306)

15:30          MEMPHIS talk 3 – Multiphase flow micron to mm scale, drop / jet manipulation by UoB

16:00          MEMPHIS talk 4 – Modelling and simulation tools for complex multiphase flows by ICL

16:30          Summary of Day 1 by Professor Omar Matar

17:00         End of Day 1

18:00pm at The Gore Hotel, 190 Queen’s Gate London SW7 5EX

DAY 2: Roderic Hill room 333, LT3

09:30          Tea/Coffee (building 16, ACEX Design room 306)

10:00          Format of day 2 by Professor Omar Matar

10:15           Breakout sessions 1, 2, 3 and 4 (building 16, ACEX Design rooms 306, 309, 312)

Session 1: Experimental demonstration of coalescence & breakage

Session 2: Video demonstration of drop formation & coalescence

Session 3: Demonstration of 2-phase flow/ measurement techniques

Session 4: Blue: a CFD-based design tool for industry

12:30          Lunch  (building 16, ACEX Design room 306)

14:00         Recap of breakout sessions, reconvene in LT3

15:00         Closing remarks by Prof Omar Matar

15:30         End of Day 2


Guest Speakers:

  • Tim Lockett, BP
  • Hua Hu, P&G
  • Professor Phil Threlfall-Holmes, THCi
  • Professor Kumar Krishnaswamy, LSU USA


Conference Registration:

Please email Huma Lateef, , with your full name, position, and organisation. Deadline for registration is Friday 18th August 2017. Places are limited and will be on a first come first serve basis. Registration is now closed, however, day 1 will be streamed live


Day 1 live stream:

Please follow this link to the live stream,



Registration includes lunch for both days and dinner on day 1. Your name badge (created on registration for the event) will be required to gain entry to both lunch and dinner.



Imperial College London
Department of Chemical Engineering, (building 8, 9, and 16 on campus map)
South Kensington


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