Research into Multi-scale Examination of MultiPHase physIcs in flowS (MEMPHIS)

Velocity field after coalescence of water droplet on an oil-water interface

Domain decomposition over 163 = 4096 subdomains


Droplet dynamics in stratifying horizontal gas-liquid flow

25 Sep 2017

1. Plug flow studies of non-Newtonian liquids in microchannels 2. Drop formation in microfluidic device: effect of soluble surfactant 3.Laser Imaging in Liquid-Liquid flows 4. Flow Pattern Transitions in Oil-Water Two-Phase flows 5. An Experimental Study on the Effect of Surfactants on Drop/interface Partial Coalescence  

22 Sep 2017

1. Binary coalescence of surfactant-laden and surfactant-free drops (in collaboration with ICL) 2. Effect of soluble surfactant on kinetics of liquid bridges and formation of satellite droplets (in collaboration with ICL) 3. Three-dimensional direct numerical simulation of liquid-liquid plug formation in a complex cross shaped microchannels (in collaboration with ICL) 4. Fluid displacement in micro-channels 5. Understanding of interaction between drop formation, polarity of surfactant and electrical field for the production of water in oil emulsion      

1 Aug 2017

The work entitled as ‘Comparison of Disturbance Wave Parameters with Flow Orientation in Vertical Annular Gas-Liquid Flows in a Small Pipe’ has been presented at the 9th World Conference on Experimental Heat Transfer, Fluid Mechanics and Thermodynamics on 12th – 15th of June in Brazil. It is with great pleasure to announce that the conference paper has been selected for submission to the Virtual Special Issue of Experimental Thermal and Fluid Science dedicated to ExHFT-9. Please find below the abstract of the aforementioned paper: COMPARISON OF DISTURBANCE WAVE PARAMETERS WITH FLOW ORIENTATION IN VERTICAL ANNULAR GAS-LIQUID FLOWS IN A SMALL PIPE Joao Vasques*, Mikhail  [ Read More ]

1 Aug 2017

The flow driven by a rotating impeller inside an open fixed cylindrical cavity is studied numerically using the code BLUE,  a solver for massively parallel simulations of fully three-dimensional multiphase flows. The impeller is composed of four blades at a 45 degree inclination all attached to a central hub and tube stem.  In BLUE, solid forms are constructed by means of a module for the definition of immersed objects via a distance function that takes into account the object’s interaction with the flow for both single and two-phase flows. This distance function is positive in the fluid phase and negative in  [ Read More ]

31 Jul 2017

Evita gave an oral talk at ‘International Symposium on Mixing in Industrial Processes IX’ on Mixing during plug flow of shear-thinning liquids in microchannels Evita Roumpea, Maxime Chinaud, Panagiota Angeli

27 Jul 2017

Comparative results of experimental (University of Birmingham) and numerical (Imperial College London) study of bulk flows accompanying the mixing of two drops of different composition or/and size have been published in Soft Matter paper Bulk advection and interfacial flows in the binary coalescence of surfactant-laden and surfactant-free drops by Emilia Nowak, Zhihua Xie, Nina Kovalchuk, Omar Matar and Mark Simmons. The high speed recordings of coalescing drops can be found in Supporting Information, an example is given in SI S2 Abstract This work focuses on the study of bulk flows accompanying the coalescence of two aqueous drops, one containing surfactant and the  [ Read More ]

17 Jul 2017

This year, as the final year of Multi-scale Examination of MultiPHase physIcs in flowS (MEMPHIS), we celebrate and showcase our success from the past 4-5 years. The showcase will be held at Imperial College and will feature presentations by industrialists (P&G and BP) and academics / researchers (from ICL, UoB, UoN, and UCL), and cover the remarkable output from the MEMPHIS Programme and the technical innovations it has generated for industry. Although some advances have been made in the numerical methods used to simulate multiphase flows, there remains a large gap between what is achievable computationally and ‘real-life’ systems; the  [ Read More ]

3 Jul 2017

  There has been much interest in understanding flows inside an open and fixed vertical cylindrical tank, driven by the rotating impeller  when the top is a free surface. We implemented a new module of moving solid object in the code BLUE able to simulate fluid structure interaction. Several types of motion and also different shapes of object could occur. The figure above shows an example of a rotating impeller entraining a free surface (air-water) deformation. The impeller contains 4 blades and it rotates anticlockwise (pumping down configuration) .  

29 Jun 2017

Results on drop coalescence and mixing have been presented at two international conferences. 1. Drops coalescence and mixing in microchannel by N.M.Kovalchuk, E. Nowak, Z.Schofield, D. Vigolo, and M.J.H. Simmons was presented at 9th International Symposium on Mixing in Industrial processes in Birmingham, UK Abstract Emulsification is a process which enables a high level of homogeneity to be obtained in the mixing of immiscible liquids.  In most cases emulsification occurs under conditions of high shear stress, which can also bring dispersed drops together and facilitate their coalescence.  The average size of drops in the emulsion and the drop size distribution  [ Read More ]

27 Jun 2017

A paper has been accepted and will be presented on 10th World Congress of Chemical Engineering, Barcelona, October 2017.   An experimental study of a falling liquid film in a vertical pipe Abbas HASAN1, Barry AZZOPARDI1, Buddhika HEWAKANDAMBY1, Shara K. MOHAMMED1, Yousuf ALAUFI1  1 Faculty of Engineering, University of Nottingham, University Park, NG72RD,UK Abstract The majority of the experimental and theoretical studies in literature on the falling liquid film focus on either small diameter pipes or flat plates. Almost, all these studies provide time series data of the film thickness at a single point on the pipe wall. In this  [ Read More ]


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