Research into Multi-scale Examination of MultiPHase physIcs in flowS (MEMPHIS)

Posted by Kyeong Hyeon Park | May - 9 - 2017 | 0 Comment

Paper “Experimental Investigations of Non-Newtonian/Newtonian Liquid-Liquid Flows in microchannels” has been published in AiChE Journal

Evangelia Roumpea, Maxime Chinaud, Panagiota Angeli



The plug flow of a non-Newtonian and a Newtonian liquid was experimentally investigated in a quartz microchannel (200-µm internal diameter). Two aqueous glycerol solutions containing xanthan gum at 1000 and 2000 ppm were the non-Newtonian fluids and 0.0046 Pa s silicone oil was the Newtonian phase forming the dispersed plugs. Two-color particle image velocimetry was used to obtain the hydrodynamic characteristics and the velocity profiles in both phases under different fluid flow rates. The experimental results revealed that the increase in xanthan gum concentration produced longer, bullet-shaped plugs, and increased the thickness of the film surrounding them. From the shear rate and viscosity profiles, it was found that the polymer solution was in the shear-thinning region while the viscosity was higher in the middle of the channel compared to the region close to the wall. Circulation times in the aqueous phase increased with the concentration of xanthan gum. © 2017 American Institute of Chemical Engineers AIChE J, 2017

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