Research into Multi-scale Examination of MultiPHase physIcs in flowS (MEMPHIS)

Posted by Nina Kovalchuk | April - 24 - 2017 | 0 Comment

Displacement of one fluid by another one (miscible or immiscible) is of great industrial importance. Examples can be the pipe cleaning or enhanced oil recovery. In the framework of MEMPHIS the liquid displacement is studied in micro-channels by PhD student Yu Lu. It was discovered that displacement is accompanied by series of instabilities presented in Figures below. The instabilities can change considerably the performance of displacement and therefore should be always taken into consideration.

Figure 1. Three flow regimes for immiscible fluid pairs: 100 cSt silicone oil is displaced by water. The Reynolds number for displacing liquid Re2 is changed by varying injection flowrate: Stable (Re2=3), Axisymmetric Unstable (Re2=30, ) and Asymmetric Unstable (Re2=60).

Figure 2 Flow regimes for miscible fluid displacement: 100 cSt glycerol/water mixture is displaced by water. Stable: Re2=43; Wavy Unstable: Re2=90; Completely Unstable: Re2=183.

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