Research into Multi-scale Examination of MultiPHase physIcs in flowS (MEMPHIS)

1. To identify the small-scale features that govern the large-scale behaviour of a given flow;

2. To develop a DNS-based numerical predictive tool with unrivalled accuracy and speed, through optimal, fully-adaptive numerical resolution to simulate the features identified in 1;

3. To enable the use of sensitivity analysis in the tool developed in 2. to identify error sources and the development of optimally-designed experiments aimed at maximising prediction accuracy;

4. To exploit, continuously, the output from 1.-3. to develop state-of-the-art sub-grid models for use with a truly predictive LES tool (and, wherever necessary, multi-fluid models with robust closures); this will also be equipped with sensitivity analysis capabilities;

5. To use the numerical tool from 4. to simulate the large-scale features of the flow in 1. and use its sensitivity analysis capabilities to direct optimal refinement of models, and small- and large- scale experiments, revisiting steps 1.-4. as often as necessary;

6. To demonstrate major impact of the above framework through transformative research in grand challenges of strategic UK importance.

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