Research into Multi-scale Examination of MultiPHase physIcs in flowS (MEMPHIS)

Velocity field after coalescence of water droplet on an oil-water interface

Domain decomposition over 163 = 4096 subdomains


Droplet dynamics in stratifying horizontal gas-liquid flow

27 Jan 2018

Results with adaptive, 3D unstructured mesh open-source code Fluidity: on the cover of Chemical Engineering Science. Read the paper

27 Nov 2017

The results of collaborative work of University of Birmingham and University College London on microfluidics are presented in the paper “Effect of surfactant on emulsification in microchannels” by Nina M. Kovalchuk, Evangelia Roumpea, Emilia Nowak, Maxime Chinaud, Panagiota Angeli, and Mark J.H. Simmons published in Chemical Engineering Science. Abstract Drop formation in a microfluidic flow-focusing device (cross-junction) was studied in absence and presence of one of two ionic surfactants. Four different flow regimes: squeezing, dripping, jetting, and threading were observed in line with existing literature. The effect of surfactant on the transition between flow regimes was shown to depend upon the  [ Read More ]

2 Nov 2017

Experimental work by Dr. Che Zhizhao and prof. O. K. Matar on droplet splash in presence of surfactant in front cover of LANGMUIR Journal.

1 Nov 2017

Recent papers have been presented in “9th World Conference on Experimental Heat Transfer, Fluid Mechanics and Thermodynamics” at Brazil, (11-15 June 2017) and “10th World Congress of Chemical Engineering” (Barcelona, October 1-5th, 2017). [1] Abbas HASAN, Barry AZZOPARDI, Buddhika HEWAKANDAMBY, Shara K. MOHAMMED, Yousuf ALAUF. An experimental study of a falling liquid film in a vertical pipe. 10th World Congress of Chemical Engineering (Barcelona, October 1-5th, 2017). [2] Vasques J (University of Nottingham, United Kingdom), Cherdantsev M, Cherdantsev A (Kutateladze Institute of Thermophysics, Russia), Hann DB, Hewakandamby B, Azzopardi B (University of Nottingham, United Kingdom). COMPARISON OF DISTURBANCE WAVE PARAMETERS  [ Read More ]

31 Oct 2017

Paper titled “Optical measurements in evolving dispersed pipe flows” published from UCL (Victor Voulgaropoulos and Panagiota Angeli) in Experiments in Fluids exploring the application of laser-based diagnostic tools and image analysis algorithms to obtain the flow characteristics of concentrated dispersed pipe flows. Paper titled “An experimental study on the drop/interface partial coalescence with surfactants” publushed from UCL (Teng Dong, Weheliye Hashi Weheliye, Pierre Chausset and Panagiota Angeli) i Physincs of Fluids investigating on the partial coalescence of an aqueous drop with an organic-aqueous interface with and without surfactants.

31 Oct 2017

The work by Idris T. Adebayo and prof. O. K. Matar is in front cover of Soft Matter Journal.   Abstract: The impact process of droplets falling obliquely on thin flowing films is studied using a high-speed imaging system with a focus on splashing. Frequency-forcing of the flow rate at the inlet is applied in order to form solitary waves prior to droplet impact. The outcomes associated with impact on targeted regions of the waves are examined; these include the capillary wave region preceding the large wave peak, the flat film region, and the wave hump region. The effect of varying  [ Read More ]

24 Oct 2017

The results of collaborative work between University of Birmingham and University College London on Effect of surfactant dynamics on microfluidic emulsification have been presented at the 31st Conference of the European Colloid & Interface Society (Madrid, September 3-8th, 2017). Abstract The microfluidic emulsification is a rapidly growing scientific area providing an advantage of formation of uniform drops of micrometer size and manipulating them in controlled way. Surfactants are broadly used in emulsification processes to stabilize drops. In microfluidic, where drops are formed on the time scale of milliseconds, dynamic effects related to surfactant transfer and adsorption become extremely important. In  [ Read More ]

2 Oct 2017

1) Construction of complex shapes with BLUE 2) Multiphase Three-Dimensional Direct Numerical Simulation of Rotating Impeller with BLUE 3) Product Changeover DNS with BLUE 4) Direct Numerical Simulation of Vertical Surfactant-Laden Two-Phase Flow  

26 Sep 2017   Giota (UCL) Mark (B’ham) David (Notts) Lachlan (ICL, demo of Blue App)

26 Sep 2017

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